Extreme U.K. Metal- Kryshtla

Krysthla001lowCan you hear that brutality coming your way like a rumbling earthquake? That’s Kryshtla, directly from the U.K. attacking your stereos with magnitude off the charts. Former members of Gutworm, and Deadeye, have joined forces to create a goliath with the ability to resonate from wall to wall with their vicious sound. This extreme metal band projects their intense energy in this album “A War of Souls And Desires”, which will be one of the top 13 in my list. It takes a great team of musicians to write an album this heavy, melodic, furious and exceptionally good. Their sound is unique, as they separate their music from the rest with their new extreme metal, their skills are very well perfected in this album and they show you why Krysthla was created. Krysthla-promo-photo-2lowresSongs like ‘By Way Of Deception’ set a vile atmosphere about politics, life and humanity it self. If you like the sounds of a bass guitar definitely listen to ‘Praise Thee In Flesh’, most bands use the bass to make the songs connect, but this song the bass (Carl Davis) is loud and raw, Cliff Burton would be proud. Don’t let that confuse you, as the guitar riffs (Neil Hudson, Noel Davis) are as loud as metal can get mid song. Of course we never forget about the drums (Wayne Minney), as they are blasting cannons that perpetuate violence in your head, and complete this metal band’s sound. Adi Mayes was the perfect addition to this bands success, as his lungs project that violence Kryshtla is intended of doing on vocals. Metal Hammer names this band -“Hot New Band”. The band preformed with One Machine and Triax at the Tunnels Venue in Bristol. Don’t forget that this band is debuting, and a debut this heavy is rare. Neil Hudson at Initiate Audio and Media Studios engineered this masterpiece, check out their debut album out now via Plastic Head Distribution. Keep an eye opened for this band’s future work, as this band is evolving and growing, as they master their skills and release more savage music.

Reported By: Jose Barrientos

Krysthla is:
Adi Mayes – Vocals
Neil Hudson – Guitar
Noel Davis – Guitar
Carl Davis – Bass
Wayne Minney – Drums

. Official Website: www.krysthla.co.uk

. Facebook: www.facebook.com/krysthla

. Twitter: www.twitter.com/Krysthlaband

. Photo Gallery: www.krysthla.co.uk/gallery

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