Hybrid Metal-Death Requisite

1441694176_revisit_halfThe metal realm simply keeps getting new talent and ambitious musicians that are determined to contribute to the music history with their infusions. There is a band from Sarasota, Florida named Death Requisite, that have created a hybrid of metal, combining orchestra effects, melodic keyboards, and trashy metal guitar riffs and blasting drums. Let’s not forget about the vocals, which resonate to those of gods like Abbath, and Shagrath adding that black metal ambiance. If you like Dimmu Borgir and even late Emperor this is your band, but don’t be fooled as this band can shred adding that trash metal sound with volatile guitar riffs and ambitious melody. Songs like “Revisitation” is the trademark for why this band will be known. The velocity in the drums and guitar riffs resemble to those of The Black Dahlia Murder and skillfully manifested; it’s a heavenly perverse song. Although, they have a few songs but in the next year they will be working hard to write more songs, no pressure guys just give the fans what you have been projecting: pure raw black/death/melodic metal. The eerie introduction on “Refuges of Lies” prepares your for a carnage by brutal death metal, with a perfect executed false harmonic and orchestral ambiance paired up with an intoxicating guitar melody. Not a lot of bands have dared to mix orchestra with brutal death metal but for the ambiance this band has created they have created a monster. Hesitate not, for this brutal act will attack your ears with animosity and gruesome melody. Catch their music and hail Death Requisite.



Check out their Music here: https://www.reverbnation.com/deathrequisite

Death Requisite is:

Dave Requisite- Guitar

Vincent St. James- Vocals


Reported By: Jose Barrientos

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