Abbath -“Fenrir Hunts”

Just like Dave Mustaine, the greatest band members do a great come back after a disposal by their band. Lets not forget who founded Immortal, and now Abbath surfaces with fury and aggression. The new song by Abbath “Fenrir Hunts” sounds aggressive and puts black metal back on the market with such vicious, and compelling sound. A sound, that many have already dared compare to Immortal, how can’t they not, Abboth is the originator of that band. However, the song titled “Nebular Ravens” has great metal riffs with that blend of black metal sound. There is a reason why bands dissolve, and metal from Norway through the American continent will feel their souls being devoured as they listen to Abbath’s new songs. Abbath has the formula right, guitar solos with melody, and well composed riffs can only be heard in the background of his Norwegian demon growl. Fans would anticipate a new album by Immortal, they better be ready to have their minds blown away by such musicianship and talented guys backing up Abbath. 

Check out The New Song –Fenrir Hunts
Let us know what you think about Abbath’s new songs. Lets keep an eye open for the tour in California. 
Abbath is:

Abbath Doom Occulta: Vocals/Guitar

King Ov Hell: Bass

Creature: Drums

Live Members

Per Valla: Lead Guitar

Reported By- Joe Doe


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