Soundtrack of Death Part 1

With the favorite holiday of all heavy metal lovers, and others that adore this Halloween blasphemous day, let us confess…Metal heads all over the world unite at a distance to hail all hollows eve, a day filled of terror and Witch Hunt. However, society has moved past that and learned to embrace the day as a celebration of all evil, that is the Metal society. For it is vast, and this day allows them to show their imagination and idea of horror, depravity and admiration for the dark forces. One thing comes to mind, what is your ideal metal playlist for such a macabre eve? Mortician  Forget the genres just remember these bands if you want to have a morbid Halloween party background soundtrack. Horror and mutilation is the first thing that comes to mind, and Mortician is a band which depicts such brutality, with songs like “Fleshripper” and “Mass Mutilation” they make you consider carefully the houses you will visit on such an eerie night. “Wolfen” talks about a transformation from human to a horrid creature, which savages all in its path, beware as the beasts will be among you. Cannibal-Corpse-TortureMasters of the brutal death scene are non-the-less but Cannibal Corpse, who made their debut in  Ace Ventura, if cannibalism, bludgeon and entrails removal is what instills euphoria in your depraved mind get your self a copy of ‘The Wretched Spawn’ with fast and brutal hammering and guitar shredding all the demons are depicted. Evil is the root of all humanity, and Cannibal Corpse emphasizes that fact, with songs like “They Deserve to Die”, and “Bent Backwards and Broken”. However, only a mad man can go on a killing frenzy and have “Nothing Left To Mutilate”. Each album by Cannibal Corpse talks about death, gore, zombies, and the true evil that “HYDES” behind the brain of a demented man, so don’t forget to blast “Demented Aggression”. Since the dawn of time humanity has always been slaved by a religion of some sort, and Deicide sure has refused to befall to such decomposition of the mental state. Masses gather to watch as Glen Burton chants “Death to Jesus” and disrupts “The Pentecostal” idea of a sinless world with him portraying the evil satanic mantra he believes in. Deicide  In ‘The Stench of Redemption’, Deicide ensure to show the profane belief and will sure awake the devil in you. Death is the theme, grotesque butchery and defilement of the human body are just a couple of few ideas that can be on your playlist. Stay tune for another macabre unearthly words from the tomb of the depraved. Send us your favorite songs and tell us what you like about them and what is your Halloween playlist going to sound like?

Here is a list of some great tunes

  1. Atrocity- “Fatal Step”
  2. Belphegor- “The Sin- Hellfucked”
  3. Behemoth- “Christians to The Lions”
  4. Carnal Blasphemy- “Break Your Face”
  5. Cattle Decapitation- “A Body Farm”
  6. Cannibal Corpse- “Gutted”
  7. Cannibal Corpse- “Hammered Smashed Face”
  8. Dark Funeral- “The Fire Eternal”
  9. Entombed- “Living Dead”
  10. Decapitated- “The Knife”

Joe Doe

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