New Disorder- Straight To The Pain

STTP_ArtworkItaly has given the world of metal a band, which writes alternative metal- New Disorder is their name. If you remember System of A Down, this band’s melody and heavy riffs will give you that feeling. This band has been working hard on tour all over Europe getting great reviews, some of their melody and heavy guitar riffs by Fabrizio Proietti and Alessando Cavalli are alluring and intense. Some of those riffs include nice melodic guitar pick sweeping and that alternative metal style the younger generations enjoy. The drums are nice and powerful and you can definitely feel the bass treble. New Disorder is not new to the scene as they were formed in 2009, with a release of a self-produced album titled ‘Total Brain Format’ in 2011. The vocals are quite different, and remind you a little to those of Serj Tankian. Check out their new album ‘Straight To The Pain’ out now via MVD in North America.

Check out their new video out for “A Senseless Tragedy”

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