Slayer Nation- Repentless

DSCN0747Slayer just released their 11th studio album, after loosing one of their own, Slayer decided to keep doing what they know best. A band that has stand the test of times, who have evolved from satanic trash metal, demonic tales, and war holocausts writes about societies catastrophes and the mental struggles one endures. After 14 years of their album release God Hates Us All on 9.11.2001 Slayer releases one more album, Repentless. This album is a very well composed album, with Exodus guitarist Gary Holt on rhythm guitars and Kerry King as lead guitarist, both punch you in the face with powerful riffs, and Kerry Kings trademark solos. Paul Bostaph drumming is exceptional and its great to hear Slayer sound as heavy and fast as always. After all they are the titans of trash metal and there is nothing less ferocious as a Slayer album. The track, “Delusions of Saviour” has to be Jeff Hanneman’s signarture eerie introduction of this album. DSCN0792With songs like “Repentless” which served as Slayer’s propaganda for this long awaited album Slayer marks another top chart seller. Tom Arraya, vocalist, and bassist executes each lyric passionately and portrays the anger in each song. Songs that bring a message to society, never surrender, and depict the decaying of societies values and those who live in it. Fourty-one minutes of trash metal composed by four titans, in which the song titled “Atrocity Vendor” jumps off the scale and makes your spinal cord shiver, and adrenaline rush to your heart giving you that sensation Slayer can only inflict in you. DSCN0770Listening to “Repentless” live as well as “When The Stillness Comes” was the highlight of the Mayhem Fest performance by Slayer. One word can describe this quartet’s collaboration and final product, which is Repentless and that is, ravaging.DSCN0789

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