Broken Flesh

PromoImage (1)Christian brutal death metal band Broken Flesh has made its debut in 2009 with their album Forever In Flames, and now released the self titled album Broken Flesh in September 4th. This Christian band has a message and its not to follow their beliefs, rather its to listen to the message depicted with such brutal deadly and powerful music they have created. Their skills and force have to be recognized as they growl like George Fisher from Cannibal Corpse and their drums are a brutal assault to the ear. The track titled Forever in Flames has a brutal drum roll that makes you want to jump in the moshpit and punish those around you. This band is anything but soft, they are grotesque in every aspect of their musicianship. Jacob Mathes can summon the forces from hell with his gruesome vocals, Dakota Whiteside and Kevin Tubby both synchronize with their guitars to punish your soul. Joshua Mathes gives that powerful bass that shakes the earth followed by the cannons of Brandon Lopez. Together this guys give you a destroying force, one to be reckoned and hailed. Death Metal has a new name its Broken Flesh- Check out their album hitting a store near you on September. Oklahoma has given us death metal at its best.


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