Chris Cornell’s New Solo Album

Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell is breaking out of his shell with his new solo career. He is not changing his style, he simply is evolving as a songwriter and singer. In his new song “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart”, he joins his soothing voice with a rhythmical guitar and powerful lyrics. Chris Cornell goes from the legendary groundbreaking band Soundgarden to Audioslave, joining forcers with members of Rage Against the Machine. However, it’s time for Chris to grow out and do what he knows best, captivate your mind with this amazing song. A broken heart can make you walk miles to forget the reason why it’s hurt. With this exceptional solo release, Chris pushes his ability to sing from heavy rock to a more soulful style of mainstream rock/blues- don’t miss out his performance at the Walt Disney Concert Hall September 20th and at Warner’s Art Theater in San Pedro on September 21st. He is not new to the music scene and he is also an grammy award winner, therefore download his tune out on itunes.

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