Act of Defiance: Defying metal riffs, bass notes, hammering of the drums and brutal Vocals

When a band unites to play what their soul tells them to, that is called musicianship. No musician should be limited to a certain style, if they can incorporate acoustic notes into a heavy metal song they have won the masses over. Two talents that have been around the scene for a while have defied those limitations and encountered and created a great melody. That melody is called Act of Defiance, with #Chris Broderick in the guitar and #Shawn Drover on drums this quartet manifested a masterpiece. The guitar solos and heavy riffs by Chris Broderick are insanely amazing, and the double pedal by Shawn Drover are heart pounding and elicit ecstasy in the brain. The introduction to “Throwback” is a

riveting composition that screams Trash Metal at its best. AODThis modern take of trash metal is definitely something that the metal realm has long awaited for. Act of Defiance is a game changer for this genre, one that had been growing tired, this band will take the genre to a different level. There is nothing to say about the bands where the members came from, as they are architects of their own future. With this album Act of Defiance screams, we have arrived! Support this band as they are at the prime of their amazing career. A career that will go a long way as they have the power and fury of a trash metal, this is speed metal at its best. Cannot wait to see this guys when they visit California, we will work hard to get an interview with the creators of magnificent songs like “Thy Lord Belial” and “Disatrhope”

Check out their Video of “Throwback

Joe Doe.

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