Iron Maidens New Single ‘Speed of Light’ -The British Lion Has Roar!

Iron Maiden’s new single ‘Speed of Light’ is a quick glimpse of the kind of songs that are packed in the double CD release of “The Book of Souls” which is due release September 4th throug Parlophone Records. imageThis album was recorded in Paris and most of the songs were recorded while Bruce Dickinson was unaware of the cancer. This guy is a trooper, he is out there singing right after he finished with the radiation therapy. imageThe single takes you through a time traveling vortex and brigns melodic riffs similar to those of the album “Somewhere in Time”, this futuristic soundtrack will definitely make you blast this in your car. Iron Maiden has been playing since before i was born and their style is great no one can play riffs like them, fast, melodic and have a vocalist like Bruce who can amaze all new fans that listen to him. Check out thier new single here,‘Speed of Light’


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