Dekades + Dead Sara

This site is named rockbrary and that means all genres of rock will be covered. However, I know we have covered mainly metal but here is a different type of genre that will be visible on this site. Enjoy the review and check out their music. Dead Sara



I had the chance to visit The Glass House in Pomona, great city by the way, quiet, calm and clean. I witness acts from three great bands that spilled their hearts out performing on stage for an audience that loves their music and enjoys every lyric. As I walk in to the venue, I could not help but notice the hipsters being mesmerized by DEKADES’ performance. The crowd that was attentive as they witnessed Arden Fisher sing her heart out with such powerful voice, accompanied by the talented fusion of musicians. Artists like Chris Cano who feels the vibrations of his drums as he bangs on them and hears the heavy ’90s guitar riffs of Josh Benson and Matt Shors. The Bassist James Carter would slap that bass and all in unison create this beautiful synchronized industrial heavy rock. Lyrically talented and not afraid to pick up the guitar Arden Fisher sings like a gospel girl who would rather play rock and roll!!! Artists like them play for passion, recognition and simply because they have that talent unlike others.

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