Metal Allegiance

What is a band with out expert musicians? I would like to call that a pop artist who simply sings to words that were not even written by them. Now, when you have a band composed of experienced musicians;

check this out Metal Allegiance

guitar playeres for instance can not start playing in another band if they cannot leanr the older songs, same goes for the drummers and basists. However, for a vocalist they have to be talented and need to have that special “je ne sai quoia” but once you hear it it makes you shiver. Well masters of metal have united to build a band composed of many artist, like; Chuck Billy, David Ellefson, and even Cristina Scabbia, yes a female front woman- one who can sing and make fans go insane in the mosh pit. One of this projects most recent song is “Scars” with vocals from Mark Osegeuda, and Cristina Scabbia, who both make this song a terrifying metal song which will make your blood boil as Alex Skilnick from Testament shreds on the guitar. This composition of a metal rapsody has long been spoken of, but never attempted- finally recorded one can only anticipate what the entire album will sound like. Another of their killer songs is “Cant Kill the Devil” which is out on spotify, makes you realize that it takes a set of genious artists that want to write music for the fuck of it and will brake the labels of the bands they play in to join this brutal band. Metal Allegiance album will be out on September 18th, we have already been anticipatin Slayer’s new album “Repentless” and now with this joint army, 2015 will be the best year of released music.

Check out their work September 18th, Metal Allegiance is the band we all dreamed of.

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