NILE -“Call To Destruction”

Nile has always been the brutal lords of the #Death Metal scene and album after the next they have demonstrated their knowledge of Ancient Greek Gods, serpents, Alligators and so forth. However, in this political song, Nile focuses on the late attacks on historical statues, and the destruction of any pagan belief of Allah, and Islamic mixture. #ISIS attacks are the sole topic of this song and the hate and ignorance they portray by demolishing such cultural and prolific symbols. Nile took a leap on this song knowing they could be criticized, and who knows maybe even targeted by such hate groups, yet their love for music and ability to convert a tragedy into a masterpiece should inspire all those filled with rage to create not destroy. Out of sadness comes beauty, our of anger comes formation- this destruction will only fuel the gears of American warriors, and world wide ambassadors of peace. I would love to sit down with Karl Sanders and ask him a few questions as to why they chose to write a song about such hate crimes. Controversy has always fueled many bands of heavy metal i suppose that’s the reason why its not approved by mainstream but let their voices be heard. Heavy metal shows the ugly truth of humanity and with this Song Nile sure knows how to stir some echoes. “Call to Destruction” is vicious, with heavy drumming and intense bass riffs. Nile Fans will not be disappointed with this majestic eye opening song.   With their album to be released on August 28th via #NuclearBlast we can only anticipate how brutal this one will be.  Check Out Nile’s Brutality


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