Chris Adler LOG and Megadeth Tour

As metal bands withstand the test of time and band break ups or band members deaths Chris Adler from Lamb of God and current Megadeth  drummer has defied those elements. Of course, those few hours after Chris Adler’s announcement of his new gig with Megadeth, Lamb of God’s fans probably assumed the worse. However, Chris Adler being as talented and driven reassured his fans that Lamb of God was still an acting force in the metal realm. How can they break up? after all, Lamb of God are the creators of this southern death metal (all American Death Meal) genre that no other band can compare to. While some speculated and rumored, Dave Mustaine was excited to get back on the studio to do what he does best, write crazy fast tracks. Headphones on, coffee ready and notepad out, I listened to ‘VII: Sturm Und Drang’ and was riveted by the drum kick off of “Footprints”. It was then that I realized Chris Adler has some special talent and a great challenge up ahead as Megadeth and Lamb of God announced their joint U.K. tour. What will Chris do to stay strong during this tour? How can he perform with the same power and ability after a couple of days of tour?  To go from trash metal to Lamb of Gods style can be challenging but not for Chris Adler. One can only speculate what can happen, however, the talent is there and if Megadeth’s leader and guitar god Dave Mustaine selected Chris Adler to play in live shows for his band, well he is Dave. A force to be recognized in the drumming world is definitely Chris, and Megadeth now is complete and ready to kick off a tour that will make your ears bleed, necks break and pits be as big as a stadium. Stay tune for some amazing Metal shows to come up and be posted soon.


Joe Doe

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