The Black Dahlia Murder

The new death metal gruesome kings have arrived with an ominous brutal song titled “Receipt“. The introduction sets you up for an up-roaring gory song, with violin, and cello notes warning you of the darkness surrounding you.

bdm1 The Black Dahlia Murder gives you their gut ripping heavy guitar riffs and fast deadly rhythm by Brian Eschbach and Ryan Knight . Matched by Alan Cassidy’s drumming  and demon vocal chords from Trevor Strnad, The Black Dahlia gives you a four minute introduction to their new album ‘Abysmal’ out on September 18th. Of course the newest addition to the band is Max Lavelle, whit out a bass line the depth of Death metal music is not there, however Max shows his skills by giving those heavy strings life. Check out their latest album ‘Ever Black’.


Joe Doe


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