Just A Thoughtful Sunday

This summer there are plenty of bands to cover, different genres to revisit and many more artists emerging from the darkness. However, our metal roots keep us strong and know that metal is only evolving. Megadeth, lost its two valuable members, that soon were replaced by two talents from Lamb of God and Gojira. Iron Maiden released news about Bruce being cancer free and he is now “Running Free” because “Heaven can wait for for another day…”. Slayer’s new album “Repentless” is just around the corner and metal heads world wide cannot wait anymore. Summer shows are being held in numerous locations and cannot wait until more shows are available in California. For now stay tune for some press info and other news. Perhaps a contest with an award might be headed your way. This hot summer is as hot as hell, yet we can cool off with a nice brew listening to Lamb of Gods new album, or even Soilwork’s craxy melodic Swedish Death Metal!! \m/ I know i have Judas Priest blasting on my stereo as I drive from town to town looking for live music and venues to cover some artists. Music is the fuel that sets a blaze that fire in our minds keeping us alive from year to year…

Shredding out

Joe Doe

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