Patriotic Play List

Alright, here we are alive and enjoying that liberty and freedom our troops fight so damn hard for, with sweat, dirt and passion. Please take a moment to appreciate what is around you as most countries would love what we have. Take a minute to think of those in the battle field, who sacrifice their time with family, friends, lives and blood for us. This playlist is a simple way of saying we are thankful for your sacrifice. #AmericanTroops #Army #Navy #Marines #SpecialOps #AmericanSoldiers #freedom

Megadeth- This Day We Fight

Megadeht- FFF

Megadeth- Holy Wars

Megadeth- Peace Sells

Megadeth- Hangar 18

Megadeht-Take No Prisoners

Metallica- Don’t Thread On Me

Motorhead- When The Eagle Screams

Metallica- The Struggle Within

Slayer- Mandatory Suicide

Slayer- Chemical Warfare

Soulfly- Blood, Fire, War, Hate

Slayer- War Ensemble

Slayer- Unit 731

If you have any other songs feel free to tag them here send me more suggestions. images


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